Welcome! You have discovered a page that has been retired.

But... don't worry.... it isn't a problem. An explanation follows.

If you arrived here in your search for the Azalea Society of America, you can find what you are looking for by clicking on the following URL --- www.azaleas.org. This link will convey you to the "official" Web presence of the Azalea Society of America (ASA).

You can browse the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section, you can post questions via the "Ask Us" module, and you can identify local ASA chapters and information resources in your area.

It's a pretty neat Web site, and there is something there for everyone.... from the beginner to the expert.

azalea cultivar 'Ben Morrison'If you are interested and have a few minutes, I invite you to visit The Azalea Works.

Aside from its obvious commercial nature, The Azalea Works Web site is an interesting "work in progress."
There are always more stories to tell and pictures to post than time permits, so check back periodically.
But for now, take a few minutes and visit The Azalea Works. Enjoy the pretty pictures. You'll be glad you did.

For example, the image to the right is the evergreen azalea 'Ben Morrison', one of my favorites.

The URL for the ASA is:

To visit The Azalea Works, the URL is: